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Organized a National Workshop on Higher Agricultural Education in India – on February 2010 in collaboration with the National Academy of Agricultural Research in Hyderabad, India. Photograph of participants attached. Recommendations of the workshop published in Economic & Political Weekly, India.
Courses Taught:
International Crop Production-Issues and Challenges in the 21st Century, University of Maryland, College Park.

This course examines the role of crop production in elevating humans out of poverty in developing countries. It introduces students to the basic principles of plant and soil science underlying the international production of food crops and world food security. The role of multinational agencies such as the World Bank in the promotion of sustainable crop production using environmentally-sound technologies is also discussed.

Achievements in Teaching:
Gamma, Sigma Delta, Honor Society of Agriculture, member of honor of High Scholarshi. Outstanding Achievements Aware ( University of Maryland Chapter)


Excellence in Teaching Award from the Department of Environmental Science and Technology and awarded Chairman Dr. Bowerman.

Teaching excellence award