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International Training Program


“Recognition of Contribution by Dean Thomas Fritz, University of Maryland” (click on image to enlarge)

The International Training Program (ITP) is a unique entity within The International Programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources otherwise known as IPAN. IPAN was established in 1998 when the Dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources recognized the importance of international involvement and sought to encourage and facilitate research, outreach, and education efforts across the globe. IPAN offers short term customized training programs designed to meet the needs of developing countries in managing their growth and utilization of natural resources.

1. July, 1996:
The Project for Sustainable Development and Natural Resource Management was initiated in the Department of Continuing Education at the University of Maryland, College Park. The objective of the project is to develop human resource capacity in developing countries through the partnership with multinational donor agencies like the UNDP, FAO and the World Bank.

2. February 20, 1997:
The President William E. Kirwan formally launched the Project at the Headquarters of the World Bank in Washington, DC; the announcement of the new training center was made in the International Magazine.



3. April 10, 1997:
Visit of the senior officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ukraine.

4. January 24, 1997:
A MoU was signed between the offices of Continuing Education and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) to jointly conduct training courses on food security in developing countries.



5. October 5 to 19, 1997:
A three-week training workshop, “Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Policy Analysis”, took place. The participants were five senior officials from Malawi, two from Uganda, two from Zambia, and one each from Mali, Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.



6. August 23 to September 19, 1998:
A three-week training workshop, “Food Security in Drought-Prone Environments”, took place. About 20 participants from various African countries were in attendance.

7. October 26 to November 14, 1998:
A three-week training workshop, “Monitoring and Evaluation of Agricultural Development Projects”, took place. About 10 senior officials from the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture attended this training.



8. May 15 to May 26, 2000:
A two-week training workshop, “Agricultural Research Management”, took place. Sixteen senior officials from the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture.

9. June 4 to June 29, 2001:
A three-week training workshop was organized on the topic of “Agricultural Research Management, Research & Extension Linkages, Privatization of Extension, Monitoring and Evaluation and Management Information Systems”, took place. Five officials from Africa and two senior officials from India attended.

10. During the period of 1999 and 2005:
Several one-day field visits were organized for about 30 officials from the World Bank, Washington, DC on nutrient management in the Chesapeake Bay area, including topics such as fisheries, aquaculture, and improved management practices in the watershed.

11. May 18-24 2003:

A special training program, “Modernization of Agricultural Research, Extension, and Education”, was organized for ten senior officials from the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture.

12. June 12-16, 2006:
A customized training program, Agricultural Nutrient Management and Water Quality Issues”, was organized for 22 senior officials from the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture.