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International Training Program (ITP) Archive

The University of Maryland

Department of Natural Resource Sciences and Landscape Architecture

International Training Program (ITP) Archive

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Table of Contents

A. Concept Paper on “ Project for Sustainable Human
and Natural Resource Management”

B. New Training Center for Developing Countries

C. Inauguration of the Project

D. Visit by Officials of the Ministry of Agriculture,

E. Signing of Memorandum of Understanding Between
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and University of
Maryland College Park (UMCP)

F. Training Workshop on “ Food, Agriculture &
Natural Resource Policy Analysis” 5-31 October 1997

G. Training Workshop on “ Food Security in Drought
Prone Environments” in 24 August  -19 September 1998

H. Training Workshop on “ Agricultural Research
Management” 15-16 May 2000 for Senior Officials from Indonesia

I. Workshop on “ Agricultural Research Management,
Research Extension Linkages and Privatization of Extension, Monitoring
and Evaluation and Management Information Systems, “ for Officials for
India and Africa, 4-29 June 2001

J. Workshop on  “Monitoring and Evaluation” 
26 October – 14 November 1998 for Officials from Egypt

K. Field Visits for Research Scientists under Food
and Agricultural Organization (FAO) program

L. Field Visits for Senior officials from The World
Bank, Washington DC for the Chesapeake Bay Area to Learn about Nutrient
Management and Agricultural Practices to Improve Water Quality and Reduce
Pollution: 7 June 1999, 5 April 2000 and 9 July 2001

M. Workshop on “ Managing Nutrients and Agricultural
Practices to Improve Water Quality”

27 November – 1 December 2001 for Senior Officials from Maldova and

N. Collaboration Between The World Bank, Washington
DC and Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Landscape Architecture,
9 October 2001 and December 2001

O. Romania- Modernization of Agricultural Research,
Extension, Education and Training (MARET) Project.18-24 May 2003