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Collaboration with India

1. March 2006 and July 2006:
IndiaA MoU between the Agricultural University of Hisar and India’s Department of Natural Resources was signed in March 2006. A delegation of four senior faculty members of the college (Dr. Miller, Dr. Amal, Mr. Dave and Dr. Tamboli) visited the Hisar campus and have created a UPA work plan for long-term collaboration in the areas of distance learning, animal and plant biotechnology and fruit/vegetable production and processing. Funding for this collaboration is being sought from the USDA (US-India Knowledge Initiative) and the World Bank.

2. October 2006:
MoteDean Dr. Chen-i Wei visited HAU campus; Dr. Mote, President, met with Dr. Kidwai, the Governor of Haryana (India)






3. March 2007:
A delegation from HAU, comprised of Dr. J.C. Katyal, Vice Chancellor and Dr. Dala, registrar, visited our campus.

4. March 2007:
A MoU between the Maha Phule Krishi Vidyalay Tahuri, India and the University of Maryland was signed for collaboration between these two universities.

5. November 2007:
Assisted in organizing a two-day workshop ,“India and the US: Common Challenges and Opportunities”.



Visit of Vice Chancellors and Registrar of Haryana University, India.


Governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, recognizing international collaboration with India.